Roadtrip Time

When I started my blog, that is, when I wrote my very first post, I wasn't thinking much about what life would be like six years down the road. I certainly didn't think I would be serving in a local church in Greeley, Colorado, and I definitely didn't foresee myself writing a blog post in … Continue reading Roadtrip Time

Reminiscing Innocence

I went back with a friend today. I went back with a friend to talk about the time we were relaxing with 10 others in intertwining hammocks anchored by six trees. I went back with a friend to talk about Turk's and their burgers and insanely good onion rings. I told him that walking barefoot … Continue reading Reminiscing Innocence


A journal entry from the date above: "The words were sharper than the pen with which I was writing them. They cut deep, through the skin, muscle and bone, and into my soul. The words felt real, but I am realizing the wounds are still there, and looking away from them doesn't mean they're not … Continue reading 04.?.2021


Recently I have been asking myself a lot about the balance. He rebuked the righteous before rebuking the adulterous woman. He listened and meditated before speaking. Sinlessness asked those inclined to sin where their sinlessness was. The Cornerstone commanded that all other stones of condemnation be laid down because there is no condemnation for those … Continue reading balance